Did allied ww2 pilots defect switzerland?

Edwardo Runolfsdottir asked a question: Did allied ww2 pilots defect switzerland?
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Video answer: The only u.s. pilot to defect to the waffen-ss during ww2... in october 1944

The only u.s. pilot to defect to the waffen-ss during ww2... in october 1944

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Allied planes bombed Switzerland about seventy times during World War II, killing 84 people. Although these bombings were attributed to error, some historians have suspected that the Allies wanted to send a warning to Switzerland for having collaborated with Germany.

How many Allied planes were shot down in Switzerland?

  • Six Allied aircraft were shot down by Swiss Air Force fighters and four by anti-aircraft cannons, killing 36 Allied airmen. The first Allied aircraft to be shot down over were two Royal Air Force bombers flying low over Swiss territory on the night of 12–13 July 1943, which were shot down by Swiss anti-aircraft fire over Valais.

On several occasions, Allied bombing raids hit targets in Switzerland resulting in fatalities and property damage. The Swiss government initially intercepted German aircraft in 1940 during the Battle of France but caved to German pressure and stopped intercepting their aircraft. ... Aerial incidents in Switzerland in World War II.

Date1940 to 1945


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Switzerland was neutral during World War 2.

Video answer: B24 liberator bomber shot down in carolines raid in wwii (1945) | war archives

B24 liberator bomber shot down in carolines raid in wwii (1945) | war archives

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