How long is switzerland mandatory service?

Hermina Hansen asked a question: How long is switzerland mandatory service?
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Switzerland travel tips: 10 best things you should know when travelling to switzerland 🇨🇭

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The basic military service is about 21 weeks long; additional training, however, is required throughout adulthood. Most commonly it amounts to six training periods of 19 days each (Verordnung über die Militärdienstpflicht (Compulsory Service Regulation) (Nov. 19, 2003), as amended, SR 512.21).


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  • Homeopathy is the most widely used form of alternative therapies in Switzerland. According to a report published jointly by the Federal Office of Health and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), annual fees for treatments and homeopathic medicines amount to 50 million Swiss francs and 31 million Swiss francs respectively.

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  1. Request a certification of authenticity of your ID in your nearest branch.
  2. The Swiss Post employee checks the ID, makes a copy and, once verified, stamps it with “Original document seen by” (surname, first name and signature of the Swiss Post employee) and the branch's date stamp.

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